Why Does My Dog Stand On Me?

The question of “why does my dog stand on me?” could be a tricky one, especially considering that with dogs one act could mean different things. So, we understand why you have this question, especially if you are a new dog parent.

Why Does My Dog Stand On Me

Why Your Dog Stands On You

Your dog is most probably standing on you because he just wants to establish some sort of physical connection with you. It could really be nothing more than that.

Dogs are generally social animals which is why they always like to be in physical contact with people and/or animals that they love.

So, your dog could constantly want to cuddle, rest their heads on you or be on you out of love (If you don’t have a dog yet and would like to raise a puppy, you’ll find Maltipoo puppies for sale here).

This kind of physical contact is usually accompanied by positive vibes and probably a lot of licking and even jumping on you when they haven’t seen you for some time.

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When Your Dog Standing On You Might Be Worrying

Your dog standing on you might be worrying if the standing is accompanied by the following behaviors:

  • Standing on your shoulder.
  • Doing same to other dogs.
  • Fear
  • Following everywhere everytime.

As we already hinted at, what you want to pay attention to is actually the behaviors that accompany the contact or the standing.

Some people like to immediately say that your dog standing over you is a sign of dominance. And that is actually a valid reason.

The thing is, despite the fact that dogs have evolved a lot to become domesticated, they still have some pack behavior, one of which is to assert dominance.

If your dog is trying to assert dominance, their posture might be assertive and they would try to stand over you not just on you. This could just be them trying to assert themselves as the leader of the pack.

Also, if your dog is trying to assert dominance, they might actually extend that to the other animals in your home.

And with animals (and even humans) the dominant standing posture is usually accompanied by a paw on the other’s shoulder.

However, your dog being on you might not always be them trying to assert their dominance. It could actually be because they are scared of something.

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Other Reasons

Aside the dominance thing, there is a significant possibility that your dog likes to stand on you because they are scared or frightened.

With this one you might notice that it is triggered by the same thing every single time and the vibes you get from them might be a pointer too.

In some extreme cases, which is usually accompanied by them constantly following you everywhere, their standing on you might be a sign of separation anxiety. It might seem like they want to be a part of you and never let go.

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What You Can Do If Your Dog Is Standing On You

Seeing as there are different answers to this “why does my dog stand on me?” question, the most important thing you can do is speak with your veterinarian. If necessary, they (your veterinarian) will refer you to an animal behaviorist.

On your part, you do not want to be aggressive about getting them off you. Granted, it is important that you teach them that you cannot always carry them and there are sometimes when you are tired.

However, that can be done firmly but without aggression. Aggression makes an already aggressive dog defensive and teaches them that it is OK to be aggressive to get their way. While aggression will just make an already anxious dog even more anxious.

If you are asking the “why does my dog stand on me?” question, it is probably because you want them to stop.

Just be sure that your love for them shines through whatever measures you decide to adopt as suggested by your veterinarian.

Why Does My Dog Stand On Me? — FAQs

Why Does My Dog Stand On My Chest?

Your dog standing on your chest is generally a sign of affection. It could be about them just wanting to be with and around you or them trying to entice you to play.

That said, we know it would be easy to indulge a small dog. However, if you’re not comfortable with your big dog, you could teach them that doing that isn’t really comfortable for you.

Why Does My Dog Stand On Me And Lick My Face?

Your dog standing on you and then proceeding to lick your face is certainly a good sign. You could call it doggie kisses if you must. It just generally means that you are one of your dog’s favorite people.

Why Does My Dog Stand On My Chest And Stare At Me?

There are generally two possible reasons why your dog would stand on your chest and stare at you.

On one hand, it could just be a sign of their love for and devotion to you. This is usually accompanied by a pair of erect ears and a wagging tail.

On the other hand, it could be that your dog is trying to assert their dominance. This is usually accompanied by a pair of pinned back ears and an erect tail.

Why Does My Dog Stand In Front Of Me?

Your dog standing is front of you is most likely because they want your attention. And you’ll continue to see this kind of behaviour if you continue to reward them for it. So, if it is something that you are not comfortable with, try not to give them treats or a toy when they do such.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Sits With His Back To You?

Your dog sitting with his back to you is basically your presenting their backside to you. And this is a sign of submission and trust.

Your dog is basically making themselves vulnerable, trusting that you won’t hurt them behind their back and showing you that they have no intention of hurting. This is more likely the case if you just got your dog.

However, if you and your dog have been together for quite sometime, his presenting his back to you is probably just him telling you to give him a little scratch right there.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Puts His Paw On You All The Time?

When your dog puts his paw on you, he is most likely trying to communicate to you how much he loves you. And if he is doing this while you are establishing contact, he is most likely trying to reciprocate the affection he’s getting.

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