Why Does My Dog Scratch the Floor?

Unlike a number of other odd behaviors, a dog scratching the floor is not one that should make you get too worried as it can easily be dealt with.  That said, this article will help answer the ‘why does my dog scratch the floor?’ question.

Why Does My Dog Scratch The Floor?
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Possible Reasons For Dogs Scratching The Floor

One of the reasons why dogs scratch the floor is entertainment. When dogs are bored and have so much boundless energy, they could just start to scratch for the fun of it.  

In cases like this, this act is not dangerous unless your dog is actually destroying something.

Dogs are also known to scratch and dig the floor when they are trying to get more comfortable.

Most times, they do this to control the temperature of their resting area. For instance, when the ground is too hot, they will scratch and dig to get to a strata of the earth that is cold enough.

Another reason (which stems more from their primitive nature) is for marking out territory. The bottom part of the paws of a dog have some special glands that leave behind a particular scent when they scratch or dig.

Another reason why your dog might scratch the floor is for the purpose of nesting.

This is only found in pregnant dogs. They do this when they want to give birth to their puppies in a bid to keep themselves safe.

When Should You Be Genuinely Worried?

Inasmuch as we have stated that a dog scratches the floor for fun most times, we can’t ignore the fact that this behavior could be as a result of something serious.

When your dog scratches the floor as a result of anxiety, there is a high chance that this behavior can further degenerate into something more serious.

Knowing fully well that the aggressive behavior of most dogs stem from fear or anxiety, we advise that you see to it that this is eliminated.

Some other times, your dog could be scratching the floor because he is trying to get rid of an itch.

That might not be a course for concern if the scratching isn’t very consistent.

If it is, check the pad of your dog’s paws to see if there are any skin irritations, lumps or something else that could be causing the itches.

And if you notice anything out of the ordinary, do report to your doctor immediately.

Also, when your dog scratches and digs as a result of it claiming territory (in the case when you own multiple dogs) and another dog claims it, it could degenerate into a serious fight.

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How To Make Your Dog Stop This Act

We know the next question on your mind is how to stop this behavior in your dog.

Well, as a matter of fact, in most cases, it depends on the reason why your pet carries out this act.

If it is as a result of boredom, let your dog enjoy himself by scratching the floor, provided he isn’t damaging anything.

Clipping his nails could make sure of that. Otherwise, dedicate more time to playing with your dog.

You could also take your dog for longer walks where he can get to expend much energy. Peradventure you are the busy type, do well to hire a dog walker.

Another option that you could employ is to ensure that your dog has a comfy place to sleep.

According to research, it is proven that dogs like to sleep in a round shaped bed that has edges.

Getting them a bed that looks more like a nest helps them to be more comfortable and in no time, the digging and scratching will subside.

In cases, where your dog scratches to mark out his territory, you’ll need to teach him that good dogs interact well with other dogs. And that the house is for all of you.

In addition to that, though, you could get your dog his own space, like a crate or house, so that when he just wants to be by himself, he will have somewhere to go.

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