Why Does My Dog Bite Me When I Pet Him?

The ‘why does my dog bite me when I pet him?’ question is actually more common than you think.

As a result, the reason might not even be what you are expecting. Anyway, enough with the suspense, let’s get on with the article.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When I Pet Him
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Why Do Dogs Bite?

The following are reasons why dogs bite:

  • They feel threatened.
  • They see unfamiliar factors in their territory.
  • They are hungry.

Generally, dogs bite when they feel threatened or afraid. And while some dogs will show this by whimpering, some others could get really aggressive.

Furthermore, some dogs get aggressive when they see new and unfamiliar faces in their owner’s territory as dogs always love to protect their territories against “outsiders and “strange faces”.

There are dogs that will bite and show destructive behavior when they are hungry but this is usually for the untrained.

What Would Make My Dog Bite Me When I Pet Him?

The following are reasons your dog might bite you as you pet him:

  • They are not used to physical touch.
  • They are extremely excited.

Now, to explaining these:

Dog bites when petting could be harmless (majorly). Notwithstanding, some could be aggressive also. Dogs bite their owners aggressively when something is out of place.

However, let’s look at the factors that could be responsible for such behavior in dogs.

One of the major reasons is your dog not being used to physical touch. If you’ve adopted a dog who has a history of physical abuse, chances are they won’t immediately appreciate physical touch. They might think you are trying to do them physical harm when you pet them.

Also, some dogs bite their owners when they are playing just because they are getting extremely excited. The dog does not in any way mean to harm its dog owner when this happens.

It is in fact an unintentional action which the dog is never proud to repeat. However, if this repeats itself, the owner needs to teach the dog that it is an unwelcome action.

How To Make Your Dog Stop Biting You When You Pet Him

One of the effective things to do to make your dog stop biting you when you pet him is to get him more toys.

Providing him with toys gives him an avenue to expend pent up energy playing which invariably reduces the risk of him biting you when you pet him.

Another option that you could employ to put your dog in check is to employ the services of a certified animal behaviorist or a veterinarian. These professionals know the best way to correct a dog’s behavior.

Let your dog play outdoors with other dogs. this way he gets to expend his energy. This results in your dog not needing to play rough with you since he gets to do that with the other dogs.

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It is important to point out that the dogs that you allow your dog play with be friendly and vaccinated dogs so that you don’t get to put your dog in harm’s way.

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Precautionary Measures

To prevent the issue of your dog biting you in the first place when you pet them, here are a few precautionary measures you could employ:

  • Do not hit your dog.
  • Don’t wave your fingers in front of your dog’s face.

Now, to expound on these:

Make sure that you do not hit your dog aggressively when petting your dog. Being aggressive to your dog teaches them that aggression is Ok and could result in your dog aggressively mouthing you.

It is better to ensure that this doesn’t happen at all rather than try to stop its recurrence.

Another measure that dog owners can employ is to make sure that they don’t wave their fingers in the dog’s face while they are playing with the dog.

This action could tempt the dog into grabbing the owner’s finger and once this happen, the possibility of a repeat is considerably high.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When I Pet Him? — FAQs

Why Does My Dog Only Want To Bite Me?

Interestingly, if your dog is biting just you and no one else, it could be either of two opposite things: they really like you or they do not really like you.

However, to be exactly sure, a number of factors have to be taken into consideration, chief of which is whether or not your dog biting you is a recent behaviour.

That said, do consult with your veterinarian for help with determining why and also what to do.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me When I Kiss Him?

If your dog is biting you when you kiss him, chances are he showed signs that he didn’t want to be kissed before you actually kissed him. You probably saw him shift a bit or heard him growl.

Now, even if he didn’t show any of these signs, your dog is probably biting you because he is not used to physical affection, especially if you just adopted him.

His biting you could also be his way of reciprocating the kiss, so it is not all gloom and doom.

If the bites are getting too uncomfortable for you, speak with your vet.

Why Does My Dog Bite Me And Not My Husband?

Here are a couple of reasons why your dog bites you and not your husband:

  • It could be because they are hungry and you’re the one who usually feeds them.
  • Your dog considers you their best friend or favorite person in the world (sorry to your husband).
  • You are very cuddly and your dog would rather not. This is not saying they do not want to be cuddled at all. They probably just want you to tone it down a notch.

What Does It Mean When A Puppy Tries To Bite Your Face?

Your pup is almost certainly just playing when they bite your face. Typically, puppies tend to play around with the rest of the litter and things could even get rough. Biting is usually a trademark of that kind of play.

However, it is important to teach them to let go of such a behaviour because while not everybody would appreciate being nipped in the face.

Is Dog Mouthing A Sign Of Affection?

Defintely, dog mouthing is a sign of affection. Dogs do it to dogs (especially mother to child) and dogs to it to people too. So, you can expect it from both your puppy and your adult dog.

However, if you’ve taught your dog not tomputh unnecessarily, it’s possible that you won’t see it very frequently with your adult dog.

Why Does My Dog Snap At Me When I Pet Him?

The following could be reasons why your dog snaps at you when you pet him:

  • Your dog has a history of being a victim of domestic violence and misinterpretes your touches as such.
  • Your dog is just being possessive and protecting his territory.
  • Or your dog is in pain.

Be sure to get in touch with your vet if the snapping is incessant. They should tell you what the problem is and what to do about it.

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