What Happens If My Dog Bites Another Dog?

What happens if my dog bites another dog? First things first, as a dog owner, your first reaction ought to be one of calmness.

What happens if my dog bites another dog
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You wouldn’t want to get panicky over the issue as that wouldn’t solve the issue on ground. To get into this topic proper, let’s look at the possible reasons why your dog must have bit another.

And just so you know, we’ve written about what will happen if the bitten party is a human and what you can do about that too. Check it out here.

Why Do Dogs Bite Other Dogs?

The major known reason why dogs bite other dogs is aggression and they can become aggressive due to so many reasons.

For some dogs, they get aggressive when they are afraid. They mostly resort to aggression as a mode of defense. So, if they feel threatened by another dog, they could bite.

Meanwhile, aggression is not the only reason why dogs bite. Some dogs bite when they see strange faces. Introducing a dog to a new environment or a new dog suddenly could have some psychological effect on the dog.

As a result of the unfamiliarity of the dog with the new environment, face or pets, it could resort to biting. This is the reason why we encourage dog owners to slowly introduce their dogs to new environments and faces.

What Do I Do After My Dog Bites Another Dog?

The most important thing to do is be cooperative with the owner of the other dog. It will be a wrong approach to blame the owner of the other dog (victim in this case) as that will yield no positive result in resolving the issue.  

As a responsible owner, it makes sense that you first accept responsibility for the issue at hand. That alone should (in most cases) calm the nerves of the owner of the other dog.

In most cases, you will be blamed for the action of your dog. Nevertheless, if you have proof that the attack on their dog (by yours) was a result of provocation from their dog, you might be able to go unpunished. 

However, if otherwise, you will have to handle the matter carefully. You would also need to be quick with your response.

The first thing to do after your dog bites another dog is to immediately take care of the other dog. To show that you are a responsible dog owner, you could foot the entirety of the veterinary bills. This could go a long way in appeasing the aggrieved party not to sue as they will see that you are humane.  

In the event that the bitten dog dies, it is advised that you pay a replacement cost to the aggrieved. You actually doing this could resolve the case except the dog owner is someone who likes trouble.

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State Laws On Dogs Biting Other Dogs

As regards state laws concerning dogs and bites, there are different rules guiding this. Using the United States as a case study, there are three kinds of laws concerning this issue.

The first rule (which is adopted by most states) holds the dog owner responsible when their dog bites another dog, regardless of the cause.

As for the second, there is something called the one-bite rule which only comes into play if your dog is a repeat offender.

The third is a negligence law which holds the dog owner responsible as a result of the carelessness of the owner (in controlling the dog).

Inasmuch as these rules are rubber stamped, there are cases in which you might not be held liable for your dog biting another dog.

In the case of your dog biting the other dog as a form of self-defense on your property, you would most likely walk free without having to foot any bill.

However, it is needed that you get conversant with the laws at work in your environment.

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Steps To Take To Prevent Your Dog From Biting Another Dog Again

  • Take your dog to the vet if they bit unprovoked.
  • Leash your dog when you both are outdoors.

In order to reduce your chances of asking the “what happens if my dog bites another dog?” question, there are some precautionary actions that can be taken.

First off, take your dog to the vet if they bit the other dog unprovoked. As much as you love your dog, you are not in the best position to help them. So, the earlier you did something about the behavior, the better for yourself and your dog.

Another precautionary measure that one could employ is to make sure that the dogs are properly leashed when outdoors. This goes a long way in restraining your dog from biting other dogs. And if your dog is really aggressive, a muzzle might be necessary.

On a final note, we would point out that it is better to deliberately ensure that one’s dog doesn’t go about biting other dogs in the first place.

The reason for this is that your dog biting another dog(s) could lead to your dog getting euthanized. Seeing as that is definitely not what you want, you’ll have to be better safe than sorry.

What Happens If My Dog Bites Another Dog? — FAQs

Can Dogs Be Put Down For Biting Another Dog?

If it is the first time your dog is biting another dog, your dog will most probably not be put down. You might have to pay for damages, though, if the owner of the other dog insists.

That said, if your dog is a repeat offender and you cannot convince the local authority that they are not dangerous, they might have to get put down.

What Is The One Bite Rule For Dogs?

The one-bite rule holds the owner of a dog liable for the dog’s attacks on other people or animals if the owner is aware that their dog could act in a harmful way.

What this means is that, the first time your dog bites or attacks another dog, you won’t be held liable. But if it happens again, you will be held liable and asked to compensate the victim.

That said, not all states apply this rule. Some states apply the strict liabilty rule that holds you responsible from the first attack.

Can Someone Sue You If Your Dog Scratches Them?

People can try to sue for basically anything. But they could have a case if the scratches result in injury. That said, it all depends on your state’s laws on these things.

What Triggers A Dog To Bite Another Dog?

Some dogs would be triggered to bite another dog if they considered that dog some sort of threat. It could be that they sense the dog being aggressive to them or their humans and biting is the way they protect.

Some other dogs would bite because they are scared or even because they aren’t feeling so good.

Do Dogs Feel Guilty After They Bite?

Guilt isn’t exactly an emotion that dogs have or, if they do have it, can project. Your dog’s ‘feeling of guilt’ is probably just his reaction to your reaction to what he did.

So, if he does something wrong and you carry on like it’s all good, he doesn’t feel the need to ‘apologize’.

How Should You Punish Your Dog For Biting?

You (and everyone in your home) could ignore your dog for a few minutes. By this we mean no interaction whatsoever. Dogs thrive on attention, so taking that away for a few minutes is usually a good enough punishment.

Please, do not get aggressive with your dog or hit them as that would be teaching them that violence solves everything.

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