What Dog Has The Strongest Bite?

Interestingly, size might not always be indicative of what dog has the strongest bite. There is more to determining how strong a dog’s bite is than the size of the dog. Let’s take a look.

What Dog Has The Strongest Bite
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What Determines The Magnitude Of A Dog’s Bite?

The force of a dog’s bite is dependent on various variables. First off, the size of the skull(cranium) of a dog is a very important factor when it comes to bite force.

This is because dogs with larger skulls have a higher bite force than dogs with a small or medium sized head.

Also, the size of the jaw of a dog plays a major role in determining how strong a dog’s bite will be. Dogs with bigger jaws have a higher bite force than dogs with smaller jaws. This is so because the dog actually engages its jaw when it wants to bite.

In addition, the body mass of a dog plays an important role in this aspect also. The heavier dog, the higher the probability that it will have a big bite force.

These above stated factors are mostly correct in estimating the force of a dog’s bite except in some rare cases where the dog defies normal reasoning.

Dogs That Have Strong Bites

Dog bites are measured in PSI. And PSI stands for pound per square inch. It is the result of the sum total of the applied over a square inch of one pound.

Dogs like the American Pit-bull, the Chow Chow and African dog possess a bite force that is higher than 235 PSI.

This dog bite force is enough to cause serious injuries on any animal and individual on which this bite is inflicted. In some cases, it could lead to the death of the said animal or individual.

The Dog That Has The Strongest Bite

Now, while the dogs previously mentioned have a serious pain inflicting bite force, none of them can compare to the Kangal.

Cheshire Animal
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The Kangal has a bite force of 743 PSI. This dog can stand its ground against big animals such as wolves and bears and has a higher psi than the king of the jungle whose PSI is only 650.

They are very hard to control as they are not used to seeing strange faces. Often times, this alone leads to the dog attacking the unfamiliar face.

The Kangal is majorly a guard dog and while they could be really terrifying when they are doing their jobs, they have no problems being domesticated.

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