PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 – Detailed Review

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 is one of PetSafe’s many electronic training equipment for pets. We’ve reviewed a couple others which you can check out here and here.

That said, PetSafe considers its wireless pet fences a real breakthrough seeing as not many brands have this. In this article, we get to see if there are any tools that Petsafe decided to use instead of the wires. But first…

Who Is The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300?

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 isn’t selective of dog breed. And this means that any dog can use this system, regardless of breed.

However, it is selective of dog size. That is, unless your dog is as heavy as or heavier than 8 pounds, you do not want to consider getting this.

Furthermore, training tools (especially those that use static shock as a correction mode) should not be used on puppies and dogs who are not of optimal health.

That the collar adjusts between 6 and 28 inches is also something to consider seeing as the receiver has to fit for any form of correction to be passed.

What Are The Features Of The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300?

The following are the features of the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300:

  • The transmitter with its power adapter.
  • Collar receiver
  • Training flags
  • Adjustable collar
  • Test light
  • Training manual

The Transmitter With Its Power Adapter

For a wireless pet containment system, the transmitter is really important. It does the usual of being responsible for the boundary width that your dog is restricted to.

However, because there are no wires with this one, it is all dependent on the transmitter. So, instead of the receiver being sensitive to both the transmitter and the wire on or beneath the ground, it is only sensitive to the transmitter.

The transmitter allows for a ½ acre boundary. And to expand the boundary width, you’ll have to get more transmitters.

We should mention that there is a dial on the transmitter with which you can increase or reduce the band width of the containment system.

That said, because there are no wires, this kind of pet containment works best in flat yards. Yards with a lot of bumps and slopes could reduce the boundary width of the thing.

Finally, the transmitter comes with its own power adapter. And this is because it has to be plugged in when it is in use.

Collar Receiver

First off, you have to make sure that the collar receiver fits snugly around your dog’s neck. You neither want to go for tight nor loose; the former could be dangerous while the latter could be ineffective.

That said, there are five (5) adjustable levels of correction and two correction modes with this kit. One correction mode being static shock and the other a warning tone.

For both the correction mode and the correction intensity, you are allowed to choose which works for you or your dog.

If you’ll be going with the shock mode, you’ll find the contact points necessary. This kit comes with two pairs; one long pair and one short pair.

The contact points are supposed to be fixed to the receiver and when the receiver is placed around your dog’s neck, they should touch their skin. Hence the two different lengths; the short pair will be ideal for a short furred dog while the long pair will be ideal for a long furred dog.

The collar receiver is water resistant but, unlike the transmitter, isn’t rechargeable. It does come with its own RFA-67D battery, though.

We should mention that your dog shouldn’t be wearing this collar receiver all day long. He only needs to wear this when he is outside. Indoors (yes, your dog should be allowed in doors every once in a while) you can take it off.

Finally, if you want to use this same kit with more than one dog, you could get more collar receivers (that are compatible of course). And there is no limit to the number of receivers you can connect. Just be reminded that this kit only comes with one.

Training Flags

This kit comes with fifty (50) training flags and is pretty much what the name says it is. So, they are just little flags that you place on the boundaries.

They serve as visual representations of where you do not want your dog going seeing as there is no fence.

You could decide to keep the flags there for as long as you want if you are not bothered about the aesthetics of the thing. Some people remove them after the training period, though.

Adjustable Collar

The adjustable collar is a pretty regular nylon collar that is machine washable. It is fairly durable with proper stitching and we do not expect the colors to bleed. Remember to remove the receiver from the collar before you wash it.

That said, the collar uses a plastic buckle for a clasp and a plastic tri glide for adjustments.

Test Light

That small plastic thing that comes with the kit has a small light bulb inside of it. Here is how things work.

You place the plastic thing on the contact points (which should be on the receiver at this point) and walk towards the boundary. If the bulb lights up, you have yourself a working pet containment system.

Training Manual

Finally, you get a training manual which is pretty important considering the fact that we are dealing with an electronic equipment here.

The training manual is written in easy-to-understand English and we recommend that you pay attention if you are new to the scene.

Is The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 User Friendly?

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 is user friendly. Considering that there is no digging to be done and no wires to be buried, this PetSafe dog containment is pretty easy to work.

We do recommend, though, that you get your dog’s trainer involved if you decide to get this or any other kind of pet containment system for that matter. These things are pretty sensitive and we would rest easy if a professional started out (at least) the training process.

Pros Of The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300

  1. An impressive thing about this particular pet containment system is its portability. Because there are no wires to be buried, you can actually move the kit wherever you go with your dog.
  2. Also, we like that the system is flexible in that you can expand the boundary width by getting more transmitters and use the same system for a number of dogs by getting more collar receivers.

Cons Of The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300

The receiver uses really specific batteries which might not be the easiest things to come by.

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What Are Alternatives Options To The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300?

The following are alternative options to the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300:

  • Wired Option: PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence
  • Rechargeable Option: PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence For Stubborn Dogs
  • Option Without Wire: PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Without Wire

Wired Option

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence

Would you rather have a pet containment with the wires, consider getting this one. The wire is a 500 yard 20 gauge wire and you can find out more about the PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence right here.

Rechargeable Option

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence For Stubborn Dogs

Consider getting this one if you would rather not have a receiver whose battery you constantly have to replace. This one’s receiver comes with its own charger and the battery supposedly lasts for as long as 3 weeks.

Option Without Wire

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Without Wire

We should first point out that this is not the same as our featured product. While our featured product works without wires, this one needs wires to function but doesn’t come with it. Find out more about the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Without Wire here.

Comparison Table


PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300


Click here to get this for your dog!

PetSafe In-Ground Dog Fence


Click here to get this for your dog!

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Fence For Stubborn Dogs


Click here to get this for your dog!

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence Without Wire


Click here to get this for your dog!
Maximum Expandable Coverage ½ acre 5 acres ¾ acre 10 acres
Wireless Yes No Yes No
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What People Think About The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300

A good number of people seem to be alright with this pet containment system. Granted, it is not as highly praised as some of PetSafe’s other pet containment systems but it still has its share of the spotlight.

Some people have said that they are satisfied with the shock intensity while some others like that the system is portable.

That said, some people have complained that the effectiveness of the thing is affected by obstacles. To be fair, though, PetSafe does mention that this system is best for plain yards. Not sure if that explains anything, though.

Our Opinion

Do we think that the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 PetSafe’s best work? No. But do we think it is something work considering? Yes, especially considering the fact that it is portable and you do not need to dig up your yard.

However, do remember to inform a professional of your intent to get this sensitive equipment.

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Pif 300 — FAQs

Will The PetSafe Collar Work On A Dog With Thick Fur?

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence will work well on a dog that has thick fur. The kit comes with two pairs of contact probes: a long pair and a short pair.

If your dog is thick or long furred, the long contact probes should be able to reach through the dense hair and get to the skin. Short haired dogs will do fine with the short pair.

Does The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence Work On A Chihuahua?

This kit might not be the best idea for a chihuahua and other small dogs for two reasons:

One, PetSafe fence collars usually do not run small enough for a dog as small as a chihuahua. And two, the shocks that the receiver administers might be too intense for a dog as small as a chihuahua.

Does The PetSafe Transmitter Have To Be Mounted Indoors?

The PetSafe transmitter has to be mounted indoors or somewhere where it is protected against weather elements because this transmitter is neither is not water resistant or water proof.

However, the collar is water resistant, there shouldn’t be an issue with your dog wearing it outdoors or in the pool.

Do You Have To Keep The Flag Up For The PetSafe Fence To Work?

You do not have to keep the flags up for the fence to work as the flags do not have any import on the operation of the fence system.

The flags are there strictly for training purposes. That is, they serve as a visual marker for the fence which is invisble. So, as your dog gets used to the idea of the boundary, you can begin to remove the flags.

Can I Use A Remote Control With The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence?

The PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence does not come with a remote control and is also not compatible with any remote control.

This unit is automatic and will administer the appropriate correction mode (which you have set) when it detects a breech in the boundary.

Can We Always Leave The Collar On Our Dog?

It is not advisable to allow a dog wear any sort of electronic collar for the whole day. You should be looking at anywhere between 8 and 12 hours as the maximum time your dog should wear an electronic collar.

The reason is that most electronic collars, including the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence, have contact prongs. And if worn for too long, the contact prongs will begin to irritate your dog’s skin.

So, if your dog has worn the collar long enough but you are scared that they will run out of the compound, consider allowing them indoors.

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