How To Stop A Dog From Barking In The Crate

In discovering how to stop a dog from barking in the crate, probably the most important thing to do is to find out exactly why your dog is barking in his crate.

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It is only after you know why that you can decide what steps to take. Now, let us eliminate the options.

If They Have Been In There Too Long

Believe it or not, if your dog has been in there for too long, they might bark, indicating to you that they want out.

And their wanting out could be for a number of reasons including their being hungry and also needing to go number 1 or 2.

So, if your dog has been in there for sometime and is now barking, consider letting them out and finding out what they need.

In fact, if your dog is barking in their crate at night, this is probably because they need to go. If this always happens, you might want to check out this article on how to get your dog to sleep through the night.

Also, it is important that you do not confine your dog to their crate all day long. 

If They Are In Pain

Seeing as dogs do not have any other means of communication, they will bark to indicate basically anything.

That said, if their barking inside their crate is a result of pain, you’ll usually see them favoring a particular part of their bodies and whining also.

So, the first time you hear your dog bark and whine, you need to check them out to be sure that nothing is off. If you realize that nothing is off, you can go back to what you were doing.

But if you find out that there is something off, we are sure that you know to take care of them immediately.

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If They Have Some Sort Of Anxiety

Well, if you are just bringing in your pup from a rescue, chances are they won’t like being alone.

And being kept in a crate creates this illusion of being alone, regardless of whether or not there are other people in the room.

So, if this is the case, there are a few things you could try. One, if you picked your dog from their litter, you could get a stuffed animal and rub all over the bodies of their littermates.

Then, place this stuffed animal in the crate with your dog and this could help create the illusion of your dog being with the others.

If you can’t achieve this, you’ll need to allow your dog get used to the smell of you and then put something with your scent in the crate with them.

The basic idea is just to help them feel like they are not alone. In some very extreme cases, you might have to be really close to them or even lie very close to their crate. 

However, if you do decide to go that route, bear in mind that it might be difficult to wean them off this.

If They Just Need Attention

Finally, there are times when dogs bark for no discernable reason other than they want you to play with them.

And while playing with your dog is absolutely important, you do not want to do it whenever they bark.

So, if you’ve eliminated all the above probable reasons, it is time to wear your thick skin because you’ll be doing some ignoring.

Before that, though, it is important that you do not use a bark control collar on your dog when they are still in the crate. This is counterproductive as it could make your dog associate being in the crate with the static shocks.

Now that we’ve got that settled, when you hear your dog bark for absolutely no reason, it is important that you pay them no mind.

Continue to ignore them until they calm down. And when they do calm down, reward them with some of their favorite treats.

Now, do bear in mind, that your dog will not immediately calm down, especially at the initial stages. In fact, it is going to get worse before it gets better.

This is why we have advised that you wear your thick skin because your dog will bark a lot and you might be tempted to give in. But don’t; it is for the better good.

Whatever the reason is for your dog barking in their crate, the important thing is to constantly think of what is best for your dog. If you do, we are sure you’ll do the right thing, regardless.

Now, watch this video for a visual representation of what we’ve mentioned:

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