How To Make A Dog Throw Up

If you are trying to find out how to make a dog throw up, we do hope the dog in question is yours. And even if said dog is yours, inducing vomit might not always be a good idea.

How To Make A Dog Throw Up
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So, in this article, while we’ll be helping you with tips on how to make your dog throw up, we’ll also be pointing out those times when that is not a good idea.

When Is Trying To Make Your Dog Vomit Not A Good Idea?

If your dog has ingested anything acidic and/or alkaline, you do not want them regurgitating such. Said acidic or alkaline substance could burn a path through your dog’s oesophagus as they try to bring it back up.

Sharp objects are another thing you do not want your dog bringing back up. It is lucky that they swallowed said object without puncturing anything. Forcing them to bring it back up would just be tempting fate.

If your dog has swallowed any of such dangerous substance, it is important that you take them to the vet immediately.

Granted, when your dog ingests something that they shouldn’t have, your instincts kick in and you immediately want to get out what they’ve taken in. 

However, it is important that you stay calm and pay attention to certain things before you go ahead to induce vomiting.

Aside from paying attention to what your dog has swallowed, you also want to pay attention to your dog’s disposition.

If they are already vomiting, administering some kind of treatment won’t guarantee that they’ll throw up the specific thing you are looking for. If your dog is already vomiting, allow them.

Furthermore, if it has already been two (2) hours since your dog swallowed whatever it is, just take them to the vet immediately as trying to get them to vomit would be futile.

Also, if your dog is comatose or lethargic, inducing vomiting will not solve anything at all. So, carry them to the vet immediately.

Very importantly too, if whatever your dog has swallowed has a ‘do not induce vomiting’ label on it, then do not.

How To Induce Vomiting

To induce vomiting in your dog, try hydrogen peroxide.

If you have ascertained that what your dog swallowed isn’t anything we already mentioned and they are not looking off, you could go ahead and induce vomiting.

However, we must say that your vet is still the best bet, regardless of what has been swallowed or what your dog’s disposition is.

Nonetheless, we do concede that there might be times when getting your dog to the vet might not be immediately possible. So, you’ll need to do things yourself.

In those times, though, having your vet’s phone number will definitely come in handy.

Because while there is a generally accepted measure, your vet will decide whether that is best for your dog and what dose will work for your dog.

Now that we have mentioned all that, let’s talk about the vomit inducing measure.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Everybody swears by hydrogen peroxide for inducing vomiting. However, you must pay attention to the fact that it has to be 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Anything higher and you are basically poisoning your dog.

In addition to that, it is recommended that you administer one (1) teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide for every 5 pound weight. So, if your dog weighs 10 pounds, two (2) teaspoons would be the correct prescription.

However, if your dog weighs more than forty five (45) pounds, three (3) tablespoons max is what you ought to be gunning for.

That said, while we have been talking spoons for measurement, you actually want to use something like a syringe to administer the hydrogen peroxide in order to be more precise. You’ll be pouring this stuff into the back of your dog’s tongue.

Watch how it is done:

Now, it should take between 15 and 20 minutes for your dog to start vomiting after this. If they do not, you could administer again up to three (3) times. And if none of that works, to your vet it is.

Now, be sure to be around your dog when they are vomiting. You could bag some of it to take to your vet for a test. However, do make sure that your dog doesn’t go back to eating what they just threw up.

Also, if your dog has been vomiting for more than 45 minutes, that is not normal; report to your vet immediately.

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How To Make A Dog Throw Up — FAQs

Is It Safe To Make A Dog Throw Up?

It is generally safe to make your dog throw up if you are sure that they have not consumed anything toxic or sharp.

Generally, we know what is sharp. However, determining whether or not what your dog has swallowed is toxic might be tricky. This is why you should have your vet’s number on speeddial so that you can quickly call to ask whether or not you should go ahead and induce vomiting.

Do Dogs Have A Gag Reflex?

Dogs certainly do have a gag reflex and this is a feature they have to have considering the amount of not-food things that dogs tend to swallow on a daily.

So, it is perfectly normal for a dog that is perfectly healthy to just up and vomit. Their body has to find a way of getting rid of the not-food things.

Can I Stick My Finger Down My Dog’s Throat?

You might be able to stick your finger down your dog’s throat if they allow you get that far. However, you certainly shouldn’t. Not only is sticking your finger down your dog’s throat inappropriate, you could actually succeed in pushing down what you are trying to extract, making things worse.

However, if you can see what you are trying to extract, it could be close enough for you to try taking it out.

How Long Will My Dog Vomit After Hydrogen Peroxide?

It will take your dog anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes to vomit after taking hydrogen peroxide. If he hasn’t thrown up by then, you could administer the hydrogen peroxide again.

If you’ve administered the hydrogen peroxide about three(3) times with a 15-20 minute interval and your dog still hasn’t thrown up, call your vet.

Why Is My Dog Gagging But Not Throwing Up?

If your dog is gagging but not throwing up, it could be that they have Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV). So, consider this an emergency and call your vet as quickly as possible.

What To Do After Dog Throws Up?

After your dog throws up, try to keep him from eating anything for about 6 hours, just to be sure. After that, go ahead and introduce something that his stomach can bear like broth or wet food.

Of course, don’t forget to clean up the spot where he vomited. Baking soda is a good idea for getting out the smell.

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