How To Make A Dog Happy

How to Make a Dog Happy?  The fact that you are asking this question is a pointer to two things.

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One is that there is a possibility you have noticed your dog is sad and the other is that you are looking for a way to solve the issue and make your dog happy.

Knowing this, let’s find out why dogs might get sad in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Become Sad?

There are a lot of reasons why a dog can become sad all of a sudden. Most times it could be due to the loss of someone or something close to the dog (say its owner or fellow dog). Dogs, just like humans, have emotions and they also feel pain.

Furthermore, a dog can become sad and withdrawn when they are sick. This is another common reason for sadness in dogs. Now that we have recognized some of the things that can make a dog sad, let us get into the main business of looking at things that can make a dog happy.

What Are The Signs That Show That A Dog Is Happy?

The following are signs that show that a dog is happy:

  • Relaxed eyes and body.
  • Willingness to play.
  • Tail wag.
  • A good appetite.
  • Quality sleep.
  • Little to no destructive behavior.
  • Being social.

For dog owners and other pet owners, a major challenge when keeping a dog is how to rightfully judge their emotions at every given time.

Knowing that animals communicate to humans through signs and sounds, let us look at the various signs that show that a dog is happy. For the sake of this article, we will look at 7 signs that show that a dog is happy.

Relaxed eyes and body. As it is with humans and other animals, dogs tend to be more relaxed when they are happy. You will notice that their ears, mouth and eyes are in a relaxed mood. Same can’t be said of a sad dog. Dogs are mostly restless when they are sad.

Your dog will always want to play. Another sign that shows a dog is happy is when your dog enjoys playtime more. Dogs, like humans, play more and go about their duties in a joyous mood when they are happy.

Wagging their tail. Happy dogs wag their tails in a friendly way. There are different ways in which a dog wags their tail. They could do a slight wag when they just want to greet you.

They could also do a slow wag which could be indicative of insecurity. It could also be a tiny, high speed wag which shows that your dog is about to do something.

The last type of wag is the broad wag which shows that the dog is pleased. A happy dog will most times do a broad wagging of tail.

They have a good appetite. Happy dogs always love to have a meal. They, unlike sad dogs, will not take too long to finish their meals.

They do not stare at that food for long when they are happy. Especially if it is their favorite.

They have quality sleep. Happy dogs do not find it difficult to curl up in their beds and sleep. In other words, they sleep in a relaxed manner.

They show less destructive behavior. Happy dogs, unlike sad dogs, do not suffer from aggression (the chief cause of destructive behavior).

In fact, they become more law abiding when they are happy. They will always want to be in your good books at all times.

They become more social. Happy dogs become more friendly and they tend to play with other dogs more without any care in the world.

It is actually a joy to behold happy dogs as they could be the most loving and cooperative animals in this mood.

How To Make A Dog Happy
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What To Do To Make A Dog Happy

  • Keep them healthy.
  • Make sure they are well fed.
  • Play with them and get them toys.
  • Go on walks with your dog.

First off, make sure that your dog is healthy. A sick dog cannot be happy and this is the reason why your veterinarian should be your first point of call.

Once your dog is certified healthy and they still remain sad, you may have to try other measures.

Another thing you could do is to ensure that your dog is well fed. A hungry dog has every tendency to be sad or even angry as they will have low energy level.

Another way to get your dog happy is to play with them more. You could play hide and seek with your dog. Any dog appreciates a good time with their owner as that action makes the dog feel loved and could go a long way in making your pup happy.

Another way to get your dog happy again is to get toys for your dog. Boredom could be the source of your dog’s sadness and the earlier you deal with that, the better for yourself and your dog.

Also, you could go on walks with your dog. This could be a time for you to bond with your dog. And this could actually work wonders as your dog could have been sad as a result of them feeling lonely.

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How To Make A Dog Happy — FAQs

How Do You Make A Dog Happy In A New Home?

To make your dog happy in a new home, be sure to:

  • Stick to how things used to be as much as possible. Let times for meals, bed, walk, play and other such things remain as unchanged as possible. This will give your dog a sense of stability. You can introduce changes after sometime. But make sure you introduce them slowly and not all at once.
  • In addition to that, make sure you stick with their old stuff for some time too.
  • Compensate your dog with treats but do not overfeed them.
  • Above all, remember that it might take your dog some time to adjust. So, be patient.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs usually choose a person that matches their personality and energy level as a favorite. So, dogs that are really playful would most likely choose a person(s) who is really playful with them. And dogs who are calmer would most likely choose a person(s) that gives off a calm aura.

That said, a good number of dogs do not have one favorite person. However, dog breeds like the Basenji usually bond with only one person.

What Can I Give My Dog For Anxiety?

If your dog has an anxiety disorder or you think it does, the best idea is to report to your vet. We are talking about a possible mental illness here and you are probably not capable of handling that. Your vet will be in the best place to recommend the right measures to take.

How Do You Make Your Dog Playful?

Start by observing. What things does your dog really like and at what times does your dog seem to be the most energetic. You’ll need to combine these two to make your dog interested in play.

So, at that time when your dog seems to be most energetic, introduce things that it likes in the form of play toys. That is, if your dog loves to eat, there are a lot of toys that incorporate food like the one below.

Also, consider changing things up as dogs are enticed by something new. That said, your dog might not need toys to be playful. Just you rolling around and play wrestling with them could be enough.

How Do You Calm Down A Playful Dog?

One really valid way of calming a playful dog is by wearing them out. So, you can take your dog out on a run or even play a game of fetch with them. If your dog is tired, they’ll have to calm down.

However, doing this too often might teach them that they can always get your attention by being too excitable. So, you might have to not pay attention to them when they are being like that. However be sure that they are in a place where they won’t be able to destroy anything.

How Do You Keep A Dog Happy When It Is Home Alone?

First off, make sure that your dog is safe. And by that we mean that nothing can harm your dog inside the house and your dog cannot run out of the house.

It is also important that your dog expend energy. So, you’ll have to find time to take your dog on a walk every day or you could pay someone to do that for you.

Furthermore, make sure that your dog is well fed. You could feed your dog before you leave in the morning or leave out enough food for one meal (never leave too much or too little). Their water bowl should also be filled.

Finally, make sure that your dog is entertained. If you can, get someone to come in and play with them for some time. If you can’t make sure that you leave your dog’s favorite toys around their favorite spots in the house.

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