How To Get My Dog To Stop Whining

Before understanding or finding out how to get my dog to stop whining, it is important that one understands why one’s dog whines in the first place. It is only in understanding the ‘why’ that one can administer effective solutions.

How To Get My Dog To Stop Whining
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One very important way of figuring out why a dog is whining is to pay attention to the associated behaviors. Those are usually telling of what exactly your dog is trying to communicate.


Why Does My Dog Whine?

Dogs can whine because:

  • They need something.
  • They need you.
  • They love you.
  • They are sorry.
  • They are scared.
  • They are in pain.

They Need Something

It is pretty common to have a dog whine when they need something. This kind of whine is pretty easy to figure out because of what it is associated with.

A dog who needs to pee or poo will most likely accompany their whining with scratching the door that leads outside. If it is for food, they will try to get attention or maybe circle around their feeding bowl if they can find it.

The basic idea is that they will try to draw your attention to what they need in addition to whining. It is basically the same way a human child communicates before they start to speak.

They Need You

Some dogs who suffer from separation anxiety will constantly whine whenever you are not around or are about to leave. This could be accompanied by tailing you everywhere and generally wanting to be wherever you are.

They Love You

It is interesting that dogs could whine when they are excited. For instance, out of excitement that you are back from work, they could circle around you, jumping and whining.

They Are Sorry

Whining to show that they are sorry is a remnant of park behavior. When a dog’s whining is accompanied by droopy ears and a generally submissive posture, they are basically submitting to whoever they are exhibiting the behavior to.

If you have more than one dog in your home, it could be that that one is seen as the alpha of the pack and is respected as such.

However, if your dog is exhibiting such a behavior to you, it could be because you just scolded them and they are trying to tell you they are sorry.

They Are Scared

Fear is also a common reason why dogs whine. This time it could be accompanied by hiding or cowering.

They Are In Pain

Whining is a way for your dog to draw your attention to where they hurt. Usually, a dog that is whining because they are in pain will be lying and probably unmoving or unable to move a certain part of their body.

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How To Get Your Dog To Stop Whining

  • Seek professional help.
  • Don’t give in immediately.
  • Look for the source of fear.
  • Employ the silent training.

Seek Professional Help

Now, wait a second. We are not saying that immediately your dog whines you have to rush them to the vet.

However, if you have noticed that your dog is whining because they are in pain or because of some mental issue like separation anxiety, you’ll have to book an appointment with the vet.

Furthermore, if after putting into action the recommendations we make here in this article your dog is still whining, you’ll have to seek professional help.

This time we refer to an animal behaviourist or a professional trainer. However, your vet should be able to hook you up.

Don’t Give In Immediately

If you realize that your dog is whining because of something they want, it is important that you do not give them what they want immediately.

Giving them what they want when they whine is teaching them that whining will get them everywhere.

So, what you want to do is try to calm them down by issuing a command. You could tell them to sit first and then reward them.

This way, they understand that whining will not get them what they want but being good will.

Look For The Source Of Fear

If your dog is whining because they are afraid, find out what they are afraid of. You could do this by paying attention to their surrounding anytime they start whining like that.

Once you’ve found it out, remove the source if it is possible. If it isn’t, you’ll have to train your dog to know that whatever they are scared of might not be so scary after all.

Introduce them to the situation for few seconds at a time and reward them more the longer they are able to stay.

However, do not force them into any scary situation. And if you’ve tried slowly introducing them to what they are scared of a number of times with no success, inform your vet.

The Silent Training

If your dog whines every time you walk through the door, you’ll have to teach them that such a behavior is not acceptable.

Refusing to hug or touch them while they are still whining could help them see that whining will get them nowhere with you.

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How To Get My Dog To Stop Whining — FAQs

Why Is My Dog Whining And Pacing?

If your dog is whining and pacing at the same time, it is probably because your dog is anxious or scared about something.

So, if you notice it, it is important that you look in your dog’s environment and try to identify the source of its fear or anxiety. If you can’t, you’ll need to inform your vet as it might be an anxiety disorder.

Why Is My Dog Whining And Digging?

If your dog is digging alongside whining, it could be either of two extremes: it is bored or it is really excited.

If your dog is bored, digging might just be something to do and the whining might just be an expression of boredom, just the way we might sigh. However, for your dog, it might not be digging, it could be going through the trash or chewing what they shouldn’t.

On the other hand, your dog might whine and dig out of the excitement of hoping to find something wherever it is they are digging.

Will A Muzzle Stop A Dog From Whining?

While the muzzle might be an effective tool for stopping a dog from whining, it isn’t the most efficient. And by this, we mean that it doesn’t stop the behavior, just the action.

So, even if your dog stops whining that time you make it wear the muzzle, it will whine some other day. The best thing is to find out why your dog is whining and take care of that.

Can A Dog Wear A Muzzle All Day?

A dog shouldn’t wear a muzzle all day. You wouldn’t like wearing something around your mouth all day, every day, so why should your dog?

However, if the muzzle is the breathable kind, your dog should be able to wear it for extended periods of time. But never a whole day.

Why Is My Dog Whining So Much All Of A Sudden?

If your dog starts whining all of a sudden, it is best to rule out pain or any medical condition. However, if you’ve verified that your dog is just fine (through your vet, of course), your dog is probably just whining to get attention.

Why Is My Dog Whining At Night?

If your dog only whines at night, it could be anything from loneliness to fear. Also, if you just adopted your dog, it could be whining because it isn’t yet used to the environment.

What you can try to do in this situation is locate your dog close to where you sleep, in a position where they can see you and know you are there. This might help with their loneliness or fear.

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