How To Calm Male Dog When Female Is In Heat

A female dog in heat will be very attractive to any male dog within the vicinity. This is a neat, dare we say, trick implemented by nature that ensures that dogs will always be able to procreate.

How To Calm Male Dog When Female Is In Heat
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However, considering the fact that there are thousands of homeless dogs, some of them just barely finding a place in homeless shelters, it is not difficult to understand why you do not want your male dog breeding the female.

That said, because your male dog will do everything he can to get to the female in heat, the ‘how to calm male dog when female is in heat’ question is really important because you’ll have to implement really strict measures to ensure that your male dog doesn’t go near the female.

So, What To Do

First off, you want to make sure that your male and female dogs are not within reach of each other.

Because while the male dog wants to get to the female, the female wants to get to the male too. It is what happens when a bitch is in heat.

So, if they are in the same room, consider putting the male in a crate and allowing the female roam free.

However, it would be more effective if the two dogs weren’t in the same room.

So, if you have the rooms to spare, consider restricting your male and female dog to different rooms.

You want to make sure that neither of them has access to the other because removing the female from his sight makes it easier for him to behave.

Of course, you’ll have to make sure that those rooms are fully stocked with what each dog needs to be happy, including human presence.

If, however, you do not have enough rooms, you could restrict the female to the indoors and the male to the outdoors.

The reason you want the female indoors is so that other dogs do not pick up her scent and create a bigger problem than you are trying to solve.

However, if your male will be outside, be sure that there is a fence preventing them from venturing outside your yard. Also, consider weather conditions before going with this idea.

You want to make sure that nothing belonging to the female is within the perimeters of the male. This is because, just picking up the female’s scent could lead to some really destructive behavior.

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What Else Can You Do?

In addition to keeping both dogs out of sight of each other, consider walking your male dog frequently, probably even more than you usually would.

If they are tired out, they might not want to bother too much about the female.

However, if after all these measures your dog is still not calm or is getting destructive; whining, growling and even scratching, you could consider boarding your dog in a kennel.

Yea, we know you do not want to get your dog out of your sight. But if you’ve tried separating them and removing anything that carries the female’s scent from your dog and things don’t get better, you’ll have to remove your male dog entirely from the scene.

Still on the issue of how to calm male dog when female is in heat, you could consider neutering your dog.

In fact, if you are not raising breed dogs, consider neutering your male and spaying your female, even before your female goes into heat.

Now, be mindful that neutering your dog does not prevent him from wanting to be with the female. However, it could dampen the libido a bit and generally remove the possibility of him breeding your female.

Finally, you might learn a thing or two about your dog’s heat cycle from this video so that you know when to take action.

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