How Much Does Dog Walking Cost?

Generally, walking a dog can cost anything from between 10 and 80 dollars.

However, to properly answer the ‘how much does dog walking cost?’ question, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dog Walking

  • The dog agency.
  • Time.
  • Number of walks.
  • Number of dogs.
  • Transport fare.
  • Urgency
  • Updates
  • Something extra.

The Dog Agency

For one, there are dog walking agencies. So, while all the dog walkers in one agency will charge the same, all things being equal, different dog agencies will charge different amounts.


Furthermore, you have to consider how long you want them to walk your dog. Some dog walkers and dog walking agencies charge per minute (20, 30, 45) while some others charge per hour.

That said, there are those who will allow you pay per week or even per month. And these people are usually open to giving discounts.

So, on the average, dog walkers charge between half a dollar and a dollar per minute.

This means that if you are going for a 20-minute walk, it could cost you between 10 and 20 dollars. The more minutes you subscribe for though, the more likely your dog walker will give you a discount.

Number Of Walks

Do you want your dog walked just once in a day or twice? This will influence how much your dog walker will charge you.

Knowing that you want your dog walked twice a day, some dog walkers will charge you per walk while some others will just charge you per day.

Number Of Dogs

Another thing that could influence the price is the number of dogs you want walked. For some dog walkers and dog walking agencies, it doesn’t matter how many dogs you have; they’ll walk all of them for the price of one.

Some others will charge you a fraction of the original price for the other dogs. It rarely ever happens that a dog walker or dog walking agency will charge the exact same amount for all the dogs.

Still on the issue of number of dogs, some dog walkers will dock your pay if you do not mind your dog being walked with other dogs.

On the other hand, it usually doesn’t happen that a dog walker will increase your pay because you do not want that.

This is because the norm is actually to have your dog walked alone or with your other dogs. Walking your dog with other dogs is just to help you save some money.

Transport Fare

If your dog walker has to travel a distance to where you are, they’ll definitely factor that into the amount they charge you.

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Urgent Request

Typically, you’ll have to book a dog walker beforehand to be sure that they are even available.

However, if, for some reason, you need a dog walker urgently, you’ll have to pay more for it. It’s just like with everything; express delivery always equals more money.


Some dog walkers will charge you more if you need them to update you on the go. They’ll take pictures and/or record videos and send to you on the go.

Something More

Finally, if you need the dog walker to stay and play with your dog for a while or feed them and put their water out, that will cost you a bit more.

Now, it is important that you know that the amount your dog walker charges you is usually a combination of a number of these factors.

For the additional factors, the extra cost usually varies. A dog walker could charge you extra 2 to 5 dollars if you need them to feed your dog but charge you an extra 10 dollars if you need them on short notice.

Watch this video to get into the mind of a sitter which helps answer the ‘how much does dog walking cost?’ question.

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How Much Does Dog Walking Cost? — Something To Consider

You want to be careful of the dog walker you hire. Generally, it is safer to hire someone who is with an agency because they are accountable and you can be sure of where to go if anything happens.

Furthermore, it helps if your dog walker is insured just in case your dog gets injured during the walk. It is also important that your dog walker knows pet CPR, however basic.

Finally, it might help to introduce your dog to the dog walker before the actual walk so that they can establish some sort of camaraderie and you can be sure that your dog is comfortable with this new person.

How Much Does Dog Walking Cost?

Do Dog Walkers Make A Lot Of Money?

It depends on what you consider a lot of money and how many dogs you’re willing to walk. That said, an average dog walker in the U.S.A earns about 15 dollars an hour, per dog.

So, this gives you space to earn as much possible, provided you can get enough dog parents that require your service.

Do You Tip Dog Walkers?

Like with a number of other service providers, tipping a dog walker isn’t compulsory. However, it is something to consider doing, especially if the dog walker did a good job.

If you want to tip your dog walker, consider tipping between 10 and 20% of the dog walking fee.

How Old Should You Be To Walk Dogs For Money?

There aren’t any stipulated laws that say how old a person should be to walk a dog. However, it is generally accepted that a person shouldn’t be younger than 10 to walk.

This is because a child that is younger than 10 might not be able to make certain judgement calls if anything happens to the dog on their watch.

Aside that, children younger than 10 might not be strong enough to hold on to the dog if the child tries to escape. So, even if the child is older than 10 but is small, they might still not be fit enough to handle a dog on a walk.

How Long Does A Dog Walker Walk A Dog?

Dog walkers usually walk a dog for between 30 minutes and 1 hour. However, they might walk your dog according to what your preferences are.

Can You Overwalk A Dog?

Certainly, you can overwalk a dog. A dog is a living being so they can definitely be overexerted.

The idea is to meet a dog where he is. So, if your dog is used to a 1 hour walk, you could increase that by 15 minutes if you need to.

However, if your dog has only been walking for 15 minutes, expecting him to immediately start walking for 1 hour is setting him for injuries.

Can Walking A Dog Help You Lose Weight?

Walking is a good way to burn calories. And walking your dog just makes it a bit more fun. So, why not just walk your dog as a form of exercise for both you and your dog?

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