How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Make?

How much do service dog trainers make? We love the fact that you are asking about these special people as they are one of the few people helping to make the world a better place.

How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Make?
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We will be looking at some detailed data gotten from service workers to answer this question.

How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Earn On The Average?

On average, dog earners earn 12.2 dollars per hour in the United States of America. This is the national average.

Considering that these people carry out a very important task; the training of dogs to perform various specialized behaviors that enable the dog assist individuals with physical challenges, they will definitely not come cheap.

However, it is important to point out that the rate for service dog training varies from one location to the other.

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How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Earn In Certain Cities/States In The United States Of America?

In this section, we will be considering the salaries of dog trainers in ten cities/states in the USA.

And the cities/states we will be looking at are; New York, Florida, Kansas, Maryland, California, Beverly hills, Michigan, New Jersey, Austin Texas and Wisconsin.

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A dog trainer earns about 16 dollars per hour in New York and earns about 12 dollars per hour in Florida. For Kansas, it is about 12 dollars per hour, while it is about 13 dollars per hour for Maryland.

The service dog trainers in California earn about 15 dollars per hour while it is about 12 dollars per hour for Beverly hills.

It is also reported that service dog trainers in Michigan earn about 11 dollars per hour while the service dog trainers in Wisconsin earn about 11 dollars.

We were also able to gather that service dog trainers earn about 15 dollars per hour in New Jersey while the ones in Austin earn about 14 dollars.

From the forgoing, it is obvious that the amount you’ll earn as a service dog trainer is kinda dependent on where you live. Other factors that could be responsible include the intensity of the training and how long it will take.

From the data that we have gathered, we can clearly see that service dog trainers in New York get paid the highest while those in Wisconsin earn the lowest.

So, if you are considering becoming a service dog trainer, maybe consider moving to New York if you don’t already live there. Yea, we’re just kidding.

How Much Do Service Dog Trainers Make? — FAQs

Does A Service Dog Have To Be Professionally Trained?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not make it compulsory for people who need a service dog to have the dog professionally trained. You can train your dog yourself, if you want to.

How Many Hours Of Training Does A Service Dog Need?

Generally, a service dog will need a minimum of 120 hours of training over a period of six(6) months. And this is about 4 hours a week.

However, remember that 4 hours a week is a minimum as some dogs will require a lot more time and their training could be for a longer duration than 6 months. Some dogs will have to train for up to 2 years to become service dogs.

This is simply because dogs are different and will take to different aspects of their training differently.

Can You Get In Trouble For Faking A Service Dog?

You can get in trouble for faking a service dog as, in a lot of states in America, faking a service dog is considered a criminal offence. And the reason for this is that one person’s actions with their fake service dog might taint other people’s opinions of people who legitimately need and have a service dog.

Do You Need A Doctor’s Note For A Service Dog?

You certainly do not need a doctor’s note to get a service dog, even though doctors could recommend one. If you think you need a service dog, you could go ahead and train one or get someone to do the training for you.

What Is The Best Age To Start Training A Service Dog?

Most people start the socialization aspect of service dog training at about 4 months old because at this point, most dogs have already started on their vaccinations.

The obedience training should start a bit later, like around 6 months of age. This is to give your dog some time to mature both mentally and physically.

Can A Hotel Refuse A Service Dog?

The Americans with Disabilities Act makes it so that hotels cannot refuse a service dog. If you want to stay in a hotel, the hotel cannot refuse you accomodation because of your service dog and cannot ask you to take your dog somewhere else.

In addition to that, the hotel cannot charge you extra for your service dog. Also, the hotel cannot ask you what your condition is.

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