How Much Do Dog Walkers Make in New York City?

How much do dog walkers make in New York City? Well generally, that dog walkers in New York earn between 15 and 20 dollars per hour.

How Much Do Dog Walkers Make In New York City
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Note that this salary could change a bit depending on the grade of the dog walker’s company. However, there is rarely ever a major deviation from this price.

How Much Do Dog Walkers Earn In Other Cities?

It is important that we compare the salary of dog walkers in other cities with that of the ones in New York. The reason is for you to be able to appreciate the similarities or differences and maybe even consider moving (just kidding).

We will consider four other cities, namely; Ohio, Austin Texas, Portland and Chicago. A dog walker earns about 18 dollars per hour in Ohio about 16 dollars in Texas and about 16 dollars in Portland.

Chicago is one of the cities where dog walkers charge the least as they earn about 12 dollars per hour.

The average hourly pay of a dog walker in the United States of America is 14.48 dollars per hour. With this, we can see that dog walkers in New York earn above the national minimum for dog walkers.

Same cannot be said of Chicago which has an hourly rate that is lesser than the national minimum.

This difference in hourly rate could be due to different factors but the major factor is definitely the cost of living in these cities.

Chicago for instance has the lowest cost of living out of the five considered cities and that goes a long way to justify the low money its dog walkers earn.

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Factors That Could Make The Earnings Of Dog Walkers In The Same City Differ

The dog walking agency you are dealing with (assuming the dog walker is not independent) is a chief reason why dog walkers within the same city could be earning different pays.

Other reasons include the number of dogs you want walked, whether or not you want your dog walked with stranger dogs, how long you want your dog walked and how many times you want your dog walked.

We’ll conclude by recommending that you hire a dog walker knows pet CPR just in case anything occurs during their walks.

How Much Do Dog Walkers Make in New York City? — FAQs

How Much Do Dog Walkers Make On Average?

On average, dog walkers earn about 16 dollars an hour, 500 dollars a month and 25 dollars a year.

Bear in mind that this is under normal circumstances. That is, this dog walker walks just one dog and doesn’t allow for anything additional like walking reports or spending some time with the dog or feeding the dog.

Do You Need A License To Be A Dog Walker In NYC?

In most cities in New York, you do not need a special licence to operate as a dog walker, especially if you are sort of freelancing.

However, if you intend to start a dog walking outfit, you’ll certainly need to get a business permit. Be sure to check with your local government for the specifics.

Can You Make A Living As A Dog Walker?

You can certainly earn a living as a dog walker, provided you’re walking more than one dog.

If you want to walk dogs as a full-time job, be sure that you take the time to plan everything. Decide how many dogs you’ll walk, how many days you want to work, whether or not you’ll allow for impromptu walking or other benefits (this usually costs more).

Proper planning is essential if you want to take dog walking as a career. knowing your limits is also important.

How Many Hours Do Dog Walkers Work?

A dog walker’s work hours are usually flexible and dependent on how much work the dog walker is willing to take on.

One walk is usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour. So, a dog walker can work 3 hours a day and would have done between 3 and 6 walks.

How Many Dogs Is A Dog Walker Allowed To Walk?

According to the regulations of the National Association of Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers, it is recommended that dog walkers walk a maximum of 4 dogs at a time. The idea is for the dog walker to properly attend to and care for all the dogs under their care.

That said, there are no restrictions to how many walks a dog walker can take. So, there’s that.

Are Dog Walkers Safe?

Dog walkers that are attached to an agency are generally safer because you know where to go to if there’s anything wrong.

However, this is not saying that independent dog walkers are not safe. But it is a tad bit more risky to trust a dog walker that is working independently than one that is attached to an agency.

That said, if you’d rather hire an independent dog walker, you could take precautions like getting their phone number and/or even their home address.

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