How Long Does It Take To Neuter A Dog?

Before we get into answering the “how long does it take to neuter a dog” question, allow us quickly explain what neutering is.

How long does it take to neuter a dog
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Neutering is a term used for describing the removal of an animal’s reproductive organs (testicles for the guys and ovaries and uterus for the girls).

However, if we are to be more specific, the term ‘neuter’ can only be applied to a male animal. For a female animal, the appropriate term for the same procedure will be ‘spay’.

The Cases For And Against Neutering Your Dog

If you are considering neutering your dog, we want to believe the reason is more than just because everybody is doing it.

In reality, there are both benefits and risks associated with neutering. You’ll need to consider both sides and then decide which side weighs more than the other.

According to PETMD, of the dogs who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, a few more of them have been neutered. And that is something to think about.

However, neutering your dog does eliminate his chances of getting testicular cancer, seeing as he will no longer have testes. And as for the girls, spaying reduces their chances of having mammary cancer.

Now, even if you have not thought of the health benefits (and risks) associated with having your dog neutered (or spayed), you’ve probably taught about the millions of dogs that are in shelters and rescues without a home.

Having your dog’s reproductive organs removed is a sure way of ensuring that they do not contribute to the alarmingly increasing number of dogs who are homeless.

Now, How Long Does It Take To Neuter A Dog?

Neutering a dog could take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Typically, the process of neutering a dog is quicker than the process of spaying. And just as an aside, it is quicker to neuter a male cat than it is a male dog.

Neutering/spaying rarely ever runs into hours, especially if your dog is in good health. And aside health, age and size could have an impact on how quick the surgery is.

Spaying a dog, on the other hand, takes a significantly longer amount of time. We are looking at between twenty (20) and ninety (90) minutes.

One of the reasons it might take about ninety (90) minutes to spay a dog is heat. If your bitch is in heat, she’ll be more sensitive which requires for the surgery to be more meticulous.

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What To Do As Your Dog Recovers

It is important to know that some dogs might bounce back to their original selves a few hours’ post-operation.

However, some others will need to get a good night’s sleep before they are back. And the reason is just different sensitivity levels to the anaesthetics.

That said, if after 24 hours your dog is still looking groggy, refuses to eat and generally hasn’t returned to their original selves, you want to take them back to the vet.

Furthermore, while your dog being back to their original energetic and bouncy self is a sure sign that the surgery went OK, you do not want them to go about running and jumping everywhere.

If they put too much pressure on their sutures (the stitches) during the recovery period, they could rupture the suture and things could especially be deadly for the female because all her intestines could basically pour out of that opening.

So, you want to separate them from other dogs during that two-week period and probably restrict them to a crate or within a certain space. However, do bring them out every day so that they can get their exercise.

Something else to consider is an Elizabethan collar, more popularly known as the cone of shame. Wearing this will help them not scratch the sutures off.

Finally, avoid bathing your dog during this two-week recovery period. Water could mess up the sutures and invite bacteria.

Find Out More About What To Do With Your Dog After They Have Been Neutered/Spayed

In this article, we answered more than the ‘How Long Does It Take To Neuter A Dog?’ question because we believe that one should know what to do after the neutering. Now, you’re well informed.

How Long Does It Take To Neuter A Dog?

How Long Does It Take A Dog To Recover After A Neutering?

It takes a dog about 2 weeks to recover from a neutering. And while the amount of time it takes to neuter differs from the amount of time it takes to spay, recovery time is generally the same.

Do Male Dogs Change After Being Neutered?

Male dogs do not necessarily change after being neutered. What we mean is that your dog does not suddenly move from one personality extreme to another.

That said, you’ll probably notice that a dog who is usually aggressive would be significantly less aggressive. And this is because with the testicles gone, the dog can no longer produce testosterone. And with no testosterone comes a reduced capacity to be aggressive.

What Is The Best Age To Neuter A Male Dog?

Any age not younger than 8 weeks old is a fine time to have your dog neutered. However, waiting till your dog has hit puberty (which will happen around 6 months of age) is probably the best idea because then your dog would be mature enough to go through with the pain.

Is Neutering A Dog Cruel?

Neutering a dog is not cruel at all. Granted, they’ll be in some pain for a couple of days but neutering your dog will prevent testicular cancer (since there are no more testicles), will help reduce a dog’s hormonal behaviors and prevent your dog from fathering pups that he (you) can’t take care of.

Is Neutering A Dog Painful?

The neutering process itself is painful. But thankfully, your dog will be fully anesthetized during the procedure and so will not feel the pain. After the surgery, your vet will recommend pain meds that will help your dog through the pain.

Why Is My Dog More Aggressive After Being Neutered?

If your dog is more aggressive after being neutered, it is probably just a hangover from the hormones that he no longer produces. Overtime, things will normalize and your dog will get significantly less aggressive.

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