Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit – Detailed Review

The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit is yet another dog fence system from Extreme Dog Fence®.

Extreme Dog Fence® is one of those brands that is really specific in that it only produces electronic fences for dogs. That said, it prides itself on only carrying effective products and having an impressive customer care service.

If the market’s hype about Extreme Dog Fence® is anything to go by, it will mean that the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit is an impressive kit. We’ll get to ascertaining the veracity of that soon enough. But before that, let’s find out….

Who Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit For?

Because it is an electronic equipment, it is recommended that you do not use the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit on a really young dog. Dogs who are below 6 months should be allowed to just be puppies.

In addition to that, senior dogs might not need to wear this too, especially if they are not really strong. Generally, if your dog is frail or not of optimal health, you probably just want to allow them stay indoors.

What Are The Features Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit?

  • The transmitter with its power adapter.
  • Collar receiver.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Wires and splice kits.
  • Training flags.
  • Training manual.

The Transmitter With Its Power Adapter

The transmitter is kinda like the brain box of a containment system. It works in conjunction with the wire and the receiver to detect a breech and administer the appropriate correction.

That said, the transmitter that comes with this standard grade system has an LCD display screen on which you can see the level of correction you’ve chosen.

To choose that correction level, there is a button tagged ‘scroll’ right on the face of the transmitter. There is another button close to that one that is tagged ‘set’. This button is what you’ll use to set/determine how far your dog can go wearing the receiver before the correction sets in.

Unlike the rest of the kit, the place of the transmitter is indoors, close to a power outlet. As a result, the transmitter comes with its own transmitter.

That said, Extreme Dog Fence® recommends that the transmitter not be placed close to large metal objects as those could be hindrances.

Finally, you can get the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit as anything from between a 1-dog system to a 5-dog system. However, if you do get a 1 dog system, you could use it for more than one dog by getting extra collar receivers.

Collar Receiver

After the transmitter, in conjunction with the wire, has picked up a breech (or an intended breech, depending on how you’ve set things), it is the duty of the collar receiver to send the appropriate correction.

On the issue of correction, this kit uses static shock and there are 7 levels to the thing. However, if the static shock isn’t something you are comfortable with even at its lowest, there is the correction beep option and there is only one level to this and that is level 0.

Moving on, this kit comes with two sets of contact probes (1 short and one long) and one set of rubber covers that are conductive.

The idea is to attach a pair of contact probes to the inside of the receiver such that when your dog wears the receiver, the probes should be touching his skin. This is important to note if you’ll be using the shock option as the probes have to touch the skin (not the fur) to be effective at all.

As a result, you want the receiver to be snug (neither too tight nor too loose) around your dog’s neck. You also want to choose the long pair if your dog is long furred and vice versa. The rubber covers are for you to cover the probes if your dog will be more comfortable that way.

It is important that we mention that the receiver is waterproof and so can be submerged in water and do just fine.

Finally, the receiver uses replaceable batteries and comes with 1 6v battery.

Adjustable Collar

The adjustable collar is a red nylon thing with holes on with through which you’ll attach the receiver. As a result, you’ll probably not be able to attach the receiver to any other kind of collar.

That said, the collar is machine washable and the color shouldn’t bleed. It uses a plastic buckle for a clasp and a plastic tri glide for adjustments.

Wires And Splice Kits

This kit comes with 500 inches of 20-gauge wire for marking the boundary. The wire is pretty lightweight, easy to manipulate and should cover about 6 acres of ground.

Now, because this is a 20-gauge wire, it is advisable that you only bury this wire and not place it on the ground or on an existing fence. And burying it should only be as low as 3 inches.

That said, you could consider using it in water. However, to do that, there has to be some form of protection for the wire like a hose.

That said, this kit comes with 2 splice kits. These kits are waterproof and will come in handy if you need to mend a break in your boundary wire.

Finally, seeing as both the wire and transmitter are electrical units, it makes sense to get a surge protector to protect them against electrical surges.

Training Flags

These training flags are extremely important for the training period seeing as the fence is invisible. Your dog will need visual markers if they are to learn what places are off limit for them and these flags will do just that.

You get 50 flags with this kit and the flags are pretty small. So, you could decide to leave them there even after the training period; that is, if you do not think that they take anything away from the aesthetics of your yard.

Training Manual

The training manual is an important tool considering all the installation you have to do. It is sure a good thing that the manual is written in easy to understand English. So, consider going through it, especially if you are new to containment systems.

Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit User Friendly?

The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit is user friendly. It is pretty straightforward and there are really no complexities to it. In addition, there are easy to follow instructions in the training manual.

However, please do consider getting a professional dog trainer involved in the training. This is because the tools are somewhat sensitive and you might even need some kind of training to be able to use this effectively.

What Are The Pros Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit?

  1. The receiver is completely waterproof. So, there are no restrictions as to when and where it can be used. Bear in mind, though, that the maximum water depth that the receiver can survive is 10 feet.
  2. Furthermore, you can get anything from a 1-dog system to a 5-dog system. And even if you go with the 1-dog system, you could still use it for more than one dog by getting extra receivers.
  3. One cool feature this kit has is the temp check which allows the fence to remain in place in spite of the change in temperature.
  4. There is also a wire check feature that finds out wire problems and then adjusts the signal power to compensate for the issue.
  5. The 12x battery check checks the battery status every two hours and removes any false battery indications. This increases the life span of the battery.
  6. There is also a frequency encoding feature that kinda protects your own dog fence so that it doesn’t pick up signals from some other fence system.
  7. Finally, this kit comes with a 1-year warranty. However, if you register your Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit with Extreme Dog Fence®, you get up to a 5-year warranty.

What Are The Cons Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit?

Like a good number of other Extreme Dog Fence® kits, the adjustable collar on this one doesn’t have a leash ring. So, your dog will have to be wearing his regular collar if you want them to wear a leash.

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Alternatives To The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit

Check out these other fence kits if the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit isn’t what you are in the market for:

  • More Affordable Option: Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Kit.
  • More Sophisticated Option: Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Kit.
  • Opposite Spectrum: Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution.

More Affordable Option

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Kit

This one is a bit more affordable but there aren’t so many differences. In fact, they are basically the same kit except the fact that this one has a rechargeable receiver, the wire can only about 5 acres and you only get a 1-year warranty (even if you register it).

More Sophisticated Option

Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Kit

This, on the other hand, gives you more at a cost. For one, the boundary wire is a 14 AWG wire that is covered with polyethylene which makes it waterproof. You also get a 50-inch twisted wire.

That’s not all. The boundary wire can cover as much as 15 acres of land and you get a 10-year warranty if you register this with Extreme Dog Fence®. Just bear in mind that this costs more than our featured product.

Opposite Spectrum

Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

Finally, this one made it to our opposite spectrum because it is a combo kit. That is, the same collar receiver can be used as both a containment system and a training system.

For training, this kit comes with a remote, putting you in direct control of the situation. Only three (3) dogs can be trained at the same time, with the same remote control but with different collar receiver.

On the other hand, using the kit for containment, it can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs, howbeit, with different collar receivers.

Knowing all these, it makes sense that this combo kit costs more than our featured product.

Comparison Table


Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit


Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Kit


Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Kit


Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution


Click here to get this for your dog!
Maximum Expandable Coverage 6 acres 5 acres 15 acres 1/3 acre
Correction Levels 7 1 7 3 for the fence and 10 for training.
Warranty 1 year but 5 years if you register the product 1 year 10 years 5 years
Twisted Wire Not included Not included Included Not included
Receiver Battery Replaceable Rechargeable Replaceable Rechargeable
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What People Think About The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit

It looks to us like people are impressed with this kit. One thing that a good number of people constantly talk about is surprisingly the customer service. Almost everybody has something good to say about the nice response they got when they called in for help.

As for the product itself, a good number of people say that it does its work well. And while one customer said it took them a bit of time, they seem to be compensated by the fact that the thing does its work well.

A number of people mentioned that they didn’t notice any dead spots as the signal was pretty strong all around where the boundary wire was. Then there were a number of people that praised the conciseness and ease of understanding of the instruction manual.

Our Opinion

The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit is the brand’s attempt at providing something functional that is also pretty affordable and we think they got it right.

The standard grade is a nice idea for people who are looking for something about the basic grade but more affordable than the professional grade.

However, please do remember to consider involving a professional in the training process.

Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit — FAQs

Will This Kit Work On Goats?

The Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit will work on goats. However, you might have to train a lot more than you would with a dog.

Also, because goats generally have thicker fur than dogs, the shocks getting directly to your goat’s skin might be tough. So, you might have to use the max shock level.

Can The Extreme Dog Fence Standard Kit Be Used Indoors?

It is not recommended that the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Kit be used indoors as it was created to be used outdoors.

How Long Do The Extreme Standard Kit Collar Batteries Last?

Typically, the batteries could last for anywhere between 2 and 4 months. However, how long the batteries will actually last depends on how often the collar has to send out signals.

If your dog tests the boundary often, then you might have to change the batteries after 2 to 4 months. However, if your dog has learnt not to approach the boundary, the collar batteries could last for up to 6 months and even longer.

Can I Buy A Seperate Collar?

You can certainly get a seperate collar if you need to replace yours or add another to the ones you already have. Most of the Extreme Dog Fence collars are compatible with any Extreme Dog Fence® system.

Do I Need To Reprogram The System Everytime I Change The Batteries?

You do not need to reprogram the Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade system everytime you change the batteries. The programming is set and you’ll only need to reprogram if you want to change the settings.

Does The Wire Have To Loop Back To The Transmitter?

The wire of this Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit has to loop back to the transmitter. That is, the connection has to start at the transmitter and end at the transmitter.

If you check the transmitter, you’ll notice the two ports for the wire to be plugged into.

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