Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit – Detailed Review

In this article, we’ll be taking an in-depth look into the composition of the Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit by the popular Extreme Dog Fence®.

Extreme Dog Fence® has been around for quite some time and has become quite popular for its quality products. And these quality products could be a result of the brand being single minded in that it only produces dog fence systems and just for dogs.

That said, the Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit is currently the most sophisticated in the line of Extreme dog fences. There might be something more sophisticated in the future but this is currently what is.

Before we get into finding out the components of this one, let’s find out….

Who Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit For?

The max grade kit is meant for medium to large adult dogs. Puppies are too young to be wearing a collar that uses static shocks for a correction mode. And by young we mean younger than 6 months. In the same vein, this kit is not recommended for small dogs even if they are adults.

Other dogs that might not need this include senior dogs and every other dog who isn’t in great health. Allow them recover before putting this on them.

What Are The Features Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit?

The following are the features of the Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Fence Kit:

  • The Transmitter with its power adapter and surge protector.
  • Collar receiver.
  • Adjustable Collar.
  • Wires, landscape staples and splice kits.
  • Training flags.
  • Training manual.

The Transmitter With Its Power Adapter And Surge Protector

The max grade kit has the same transmitter as the pro grade and the standard grade. So, its transmitter has the little LCD screen on which you can see what level you’ve set the kit to.

Below that screen are two buttons; one is tagged ‘scroll’ while the other is tagged ‘set’. You’ll use the scroll button to pick the appropriate correction level for your dog and the ‘set’ button to determine how close your dog needs to be to the boundary before the correction is set off.

Furthermore, the transmitter needs to be powered for as long as the system is in use which is why it comes with its own power adapter.

The transmitter isn’t waterproof so, it makes better sense to mount this indoors, preferably close to a power outlet and away from big metal objects. Said metal objects could obstruct the communication among the transmitter, wire and receiver.

You get one surge protector with this which is there to protect the transmitter and wires against sudden surges in electricity.

Finally, you can get this kit as anything between a 1-dog system and a 5-dog system. However, whichever one you decide to go for can accommodate any number of dogs you want it to. You’ll just have to get extra collar receivers.

Collar Receiver

The collar receiver is also pretty much like that of its predecessors. So, first off, it is completely waterproof and Extreme Dog Fence® brags that it can be buried in 10 feet of water and still be fine.

Furthermore, the primary correction mode that this kit uses is static shock and there are seven (7) levels to that. However, there is also a beep mode but that is in only one level which is level 0; that is, beep is level 0 while the shock is from level 1 to level 7.

That said, for the shocks to actually get to your dog’s skin, there have to be contact probes. If you’ll be going with the beeps, though, you won’t be needing those.

Anyway, this kit comes with one (1) pair of long and short probes each. If your dog is long furred, the long pair is the better option and vice versa.

That said, you’ll put the appropriate pair of probes on the inside of the receiver. And when your dog wears this, the probes have to be touching the skin and not exactly the fur.

This kit also comes with a pair of rubber covers for the probes. Don’t worry, those covers are conductive.

Finally, this receiver uses replaceable batteries and so comes with 1 6V battery.

Adjustable Collar

The max grade adjustable collar is a durable nylon thing. It is generally red and machine washable; we do not expect the color to bleed.

That said, the collar has holes in it through which you can fix the receiver to the collar. What this means is that you can’t use just any collar with the receiver.

Finally, this collar uses a plastic buckle for a clasp and a plastic tri glide for adjustments.

Wires, Landscape Staples And Splice Kits

This kit comes with two different wires. One is 1000 inches of boundary wire. This boundary wire is a 14-gauge wire that is jacketed with polyethylene.

As a result, the boundary wire is pretty flexible. You can bury it if you must; go as deep as 18 inches and the wire will still be able to pick signals.

However, if you are not interested in burying the wires, you could just place the thing on the ground. The reason you can’t do that with some other kind of wires is because they could get destroyed as a result of being frequently stepped on. But because this one is protected, you’re good.

To keep the wire on the ground, you will need one landscape staple for every 5 inch of wire. So, you might need to get more staples if you have a really large yard.

That said, you could also put this wire on an existing fence or in water without any extra protection.

This kit also comes with 50 inches of twisted wire. Now, the idea of that twisted wire is to serve as some form of connector.

So, if you want to boarder two sides of the house separately, you’ll use the twisted wire to connect those two separate boundaries to the same transmitter. And the reason this will work is because the twisted wire does not set off any corrections.

That said, the twisted wire is a 16-gauge wire that is also jacketed with polyethylene which means it is also pretty solid.

Finally, you get four (4) splice kits that are waterproof which you’ll need to mend fences if there are ever any breaks.

Training Flags

With the Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit, you get 100 training flags. These flags are to serve as visual markers so that your dog can easily learn where to or not go, seeing as the fence isn’t visible.

Training Manual

You also get one training manual that contains important information on the kit and also assembly details. The manual is written in easy to understand English.

Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit User Friendly?

The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade kit is certainly user friendly. It might take you a bit of time to assemble it if you have a really large yard but you will get the hang of it.

Nonetheless, your dog has to be trained to know what all the tools mean and why they shouldn’t be crossing the boundaries you’ve set. And we do recommend that you allow a professional do this training if possible.

What Are The Pros Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit?

  • We like that the receiver and the wires are waterproof.
  • Also, the fact that the kit is able to accommodate an unlimited number of dogs is surely impressive.
  • There is the impressive temp check that ensures that the fence is stable in spite of changes in temperature.
  • This kit also features a wire check feature that checks to see if there are any problems with the wire and adjusts the signal to compensate for such problem.
  • There is also the battery check that is responsible for ensuring that there aren’t any false battery indications. And this in turn extends the life of the battery.
  • Then there is the frequency encoding that protects your fence system from receiving signals from other fence systems.
  • Finally, if you register this kit, you get a 10-year warranty.

What Are The Cons Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit?

Like all other Extreme Dog Fence® collars, the max grade collar doesn’t feature a leash ring. So, be sure that your dog is wearing his regular collar if you want to leash him.

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Alternatives To The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit

The following are some alternative options to the Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Fence Kit:

  • Option with rechargeable collar: Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Fence Kit
  • More affordable option: Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit
  • Opposite spectrum: Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

Option With Rechargeable Collar

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Kit

The Basic fence kit is pretty simplistic. There is only one level of correction to it which means that set up won’t take you as long as it would with the max.

But probably more important is the fact that its receiver is rechargeable and it comes with its own charger. There are perks and downsides to getting the basics and you can find that out here.

More Affordable Option

Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit

While the standard is listed as our more affordable option, we must mention that it isn’t as affordable as the Basics. However, that is justified in the fact that it has a few more interesting featured.

For one, there are levels to its correction mode; 7 just like with the max. Also, while the basics can cover about 5 acres, this one can cover about 6. Plus, if you register this, you get a 5-year warranty while the basics only offers 1.

You can find out all about the standard here.

Opposite Spectrum

Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

For our opposite spectrum, we have a combination of a training kit and a fence containment system. The same receiver will be used for training and containment.

If you’ll be using it for training, you’ll be pairing it with the remote control. And in this case, the system can take a maximum of three (3) with their individual receivers.

If, on the other hand, you’ll be using it for containment, the system will be able to accommodate as many dogs as possible, also with each of them having their individual receivers.

Having said all these, you’ll agree with us that it makes sense that this one costs a bit more than the max grade.

Comparison Table


Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Kit

Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence Kit

Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Standard Grade Fence Kit

Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

Click here to get this for your dog!
Maximum Expandable Coverage 15 acres 5 acres 6 acres 1/3 acre
Correction Levels 7 1 7 3 for the fence and 10 for training.
Warranty 10 years 1 year 1 year but 5 years if you register the product 5 years
Twisted Wire Included Not included Not included Not included
Receiver Battery Replaceable Rechargeable Replaceable Rechargeable
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What Do People Think About The Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit?

A good number of customers actually seem to be of the opinion that the max grade is easy to install. One customer mentioned that the staples made it easier for them to install the system.

This could be testament to the fact that one could just place the wire on the ground without needing to dig one’s yard.

Also, Extreme Dog Fence® markets its fences as DIY projects and some customers have said that this one is more affordable than those ones that need professionals for the instalments.

Some people have said that the instructions in the training manual is easy to follow. And one thing that a lot of people have to say about Extreme Dog Fence® is the effective and prompt customer service.

Our Opinion

We are impressed with the Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit and we think you could consider going for this if you have the cash to spare.

Nonetheless, do consider getting a professional trainer to take you and your dog through the training process; just so that we are sure all is good.

Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit — FAQs

Does Wireless Fence Work For Large Dogs?

Certainly, dog fences like the Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade kit have been designed to be used by a variety of dog sizes and breeds, including large dogs.

In fact, medium to large sized dogs are better suited for this because of how intense some of the collar signals could be. However, be sure that you get a go ahead from your vet before getting this for your dog.

Will The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Kit Work Through 4 Inches of Concrete?

The Extreme Dog Fence Max Grade Kit will work through 4 inches of concrete and maybe even more because the boundary wire it comes with is pretty touch.

However, consider encasing the wire in some kind of pipe before burying it. This way, if you want to take the kit with you when you move homes, the wire will be good to go with you.

Can You Adjust The Intensity Of The Collar?

You can adjust the intensity of the collar. There are 7 levels of intensity to this and we recommend that you check things out on yourself in order to decide what level is humane.

How Much Wire Will I Need To Cover 12 Acres?

You’ll need about 3500 inches of wire to cover up to 12 acres of land. Considering that the Extreme Max Grade kit comes with a 1000-inch and a 500-inch wire, you’ll be looking at anything between 4 and 7 wire spools to cover 12 acres. And this means that you’ll have to purchase extra wire seperately.

Can A Dog Swim WIth The Collar On?

A dog can certainly swim with the collar on because the collar is waterproof. In fact, not just the collar but also the wires are waterproof.

What this means is that you can bury the wire in the water (passing them through a PVC pipe) if you want to restrict boundaries in your pool or something.

Can I Set The Different Collars To Different Levels Of Intensity?

You definitely can set each individual collar to a different level of intensity. This will not affect the working of another collar. However, be sure that you are set the collars respectively and not altogether.

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