Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution – Detailed Review

The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution happens to be Extreme Dog Fence’s only combination kit. And by combination, we mean that said kit comprises tools that can be used for containment and training also.

The Extreme Dog Fence® brand is pretty specific as the name suggests and is pretty popular for the quality it constantly brings to the table. But even more commonly, Extreme Dog Fence® is known for its excellent customer service.

That said, in this review, we get to see the content of this dual solution and whether they fall into specific categories (fence containment or training tool) or not. However, before we do just that, let us find out….

Who Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution For?

The dual solution (whether as a containment system or as a training kit) is recommended for medium to large dogs. That is, your dog has to be at least 40 pounds to be able to use this. And if they are more than 180 pounds, this kit might be ineffective.

Aside size, it is not advisable to use electronic equipment on puppies (we are looking at younger than 6 months old) or really senior dogs, especially those who are already struggling health wise. Also, we take it for granted that no one will use this on a sick dog.

Features Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution is composed of the following:

  • The transmitter with its adapter.
  • Collar receiver.
  • Trainer remote.
  • Adjustable collar.
  • Wires and splice kits.
  • Training flags.
  • Training manuals.

The Transmitter With Its Power Adapter

This transmitter is basically the same as the transmitters of the other Extreme Dog Fence® kits. So, it is a small square thing that needs to be plugged in for as long as it is in use. And this is why it comes with its own power adapter.

Furthermore, the transmitter isn’t waterproof. So, it makes better sense to install it indoors and close to a power outlet, of course. Now, when installing, make sure that there are no heavy metal objects in the way of the transmitter as those could serve as obstructions.

Now how does this thing function? First off, there is a boundary width control dial on the transmitter that is tagged from 0 to 10. This is what you’ll use to determine how close your dog needs to be to the boundary line for it to go off.

There is definitely also a power button on the thing and a power on indicator. So, you must see that light on to know that the kit is on.

Finally, this transmitter can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs. You’ll just have to get extra receivers for those extra dogs.

Collar Receiver

The receiver of this dual solution is also basically like its predecessors. However, the key difference is that this one can be used as part of the containment system and also the training kit. And it kinda functions differently in the different capacities.

As part of the containments system, the receiver has three (3) correction modes and three (3) correction levels and all these are progressive.

So, when your dog ventures towards the boundary line, the receiver starts off with a warning beep, progresses to vibration and only goes through the levels of static shock if your dog insists on crossing the boundary.

As part of the training kit, the collar also has three (3) correction modes, same as before. But the vibration and static shock modes have 10 correction levels each. And this time around, you can choose which mode works for you (vibration or static shock) and which correction level works for you.

That is that about specificity. Now, in whatever case, the receiver is waterproof and, according to Extreme Dog Fence®, can be submerged as deep as 10 feet and still be functional.

Furthermore, this kit comes with 2 sets of contact probes; 1 long pair and 1 short pair. The idea is to place the probes on the inside of the receiver and to make sure that those probes touch your dog’s skin (not fur) if the receiver will have any effect.

As a result, it makes sense to use the long pair on a long furred dog and vice versa.

Trainer Remote

This one is specifically for the training kit category. First off, there is an LCD screen on which you can see what settings you are making to the receiver.

Furthermore, the buttons on the kit are pretty self-explanatory. There are two navigation buttons tagged ‘+’ and ‘- ‘. These buttons are what you’ll use in choosing the appropriate correction level.

Furthermore, there is a power button, a button with a lightening icon and a button with wavy lines. The one with the lightening icon is the static shock button while the one with the wavy lines is the vibration button.

There is also a button with a sun-like icon which is to put on the little LED light on the remote.

Finally, there are three (3) buttons tagged 1, 2 and 3. And these buttons are to navigate between the different collar receivers connected to it.

We should quickly point out that this remote can only accommodate three (3) dogs at the same time. Which is why you need those number buttons so that you are not sending the same correction to all the connected dogs.

Finally, just like the receiver, the remote is rechargeable. However, the kit comes with only one charger. So, the receiver and remote will have to share.

Adjustable Collar

This collar is slightly different from the other collars in that this one is made of plastic. Also, instead of the holes that you get with the other collars, this one just allows you to slip the receiver on.

Furthermore, the receiver is a one-size-fits-all and can be cut too size if it is too long. Also, it uses a small metal buckle for a clasp and for adjustments.

Wires And Splice Kits

The interesting thing about the dual kit is that you could get any of a number of different wire kinds and length. So, there is the option of a 500-inch 14-gauge wire, a 1000-inch 14-gauge wire, a 500-inch 20-gauge wire or a 1000-inch 20-gauge wire.

The 14-gauge wires cost a bit more than the 20-gauge wires but the former is actually the more flexible. Because the 14-gauge is jacketed, it can survive being placed on the ground or an existing fence. However, the 20-gauge wire is safer buried and not deeper than 3 inches.

You could submerge either kind of wire in water. However, while the 14-gauge kind is good as is, the 20-gauge will need some kind of protection to be fine in water.

Finally, this kit comes with 2 sets of splice kits which will come in handy if you have to repair a break in the wire or you just have to join two wires together.

Training Flags

You get fifty (50) training flags with this kit. The flags are for your dog to use as visual markers as they learn what places are out of bounds to them.

Training Manual

Finally, you get a training manual that contains setup and training instructions for the kit both as a containment system and as a training system. The manual is written in easy to understand English.

Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution User Friendly?

The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution is user friendly, despite the fact that the kit doubles as a containment system and a training kit. Plus, the training manual is really helpful.

However, we always recommend that you involve a professional in the training process. We say this because this is a sensitive kit (what with being an electronic equipment and all) and we want to be sure that everything is done right.

Pros Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

  1. First off, it is certainly a good thing that the receiver is waterproof.
  2. Furthermore, we like the idea of a dual solution as it allows one to get the value of two for the price of one.
  3. Also, as a containment system, the kit can accommodate an unlimited number of dogs. And three (3) dogs at a time for a training collar is pretty impressive.
  4. Finally, this one comes with a five (5) year warranty if you register it with Extreme Dog Fence®.

Cons Of The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

The remote control is actually not independent of the containment system. What this means is that you can only use the kit for training within the boundary. Anything outside of that and the remote won’t work.

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Alternatives To The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

If the Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution isn’t for you, check out these other fence kit options:

  • High End Option: SportDOG Combination Kit
  • Slightly Safer Option: Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit
  • Basic Option: Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence

High End Option

SportDOG Combination Kit

The SportDOG combination kit costs significantly more than our featured product. And we are not exactly sure why.

Both kits contain about the same tools with only very few differences. However, we do concede that you get more training flags with the SportDOG.

Also, with our featured product you could either get the 14-gauge wire or the 20-gauge wire. But with the SportDOG, you can only get a 20-gauge wire. But then again, it is an option.

Slightly Safer Option

Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit

We consider this one a slightly safer option because a surge protector is included in the kit. However, do bear in mind that the max grade is only a containment system; it doesn’t come with any remote control.

It is also important to note that while the dual solution can cover about five (5) acres, the max grade can cover about 15.

You can find out more about this here.

Basic Option

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence

This one doesn’t have any frills or bells and whistles. It has only 1 correction mode and correction level, covers about 5 acres and comes with only 1-year warranty.

However, it does cost significantly less than our featured product. Also, this isn’t a combo kit; it is only for pet containment.

You could also find out more about the Basics Fence system here.

Comparison Table


Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

Click here to get this for your dog!

SportDOG Combination Kit

Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Max Grade Fence Kit

Click here to get this for your dog!

Extreme Dog Fence® Basics Fence

Click here to get this for your dog!
Maximum Expandable Coverage 5 acres 11/3 acres 15 acres 5 acres
Correction Levels 3 for the fence and 10 for the training. 3 for the fence and 7 for the training. 7 7
Warranty 5 years 2 years 10 years 1 year but 5 years if registered.
Twisted Wire Not Included Not included Included Not included
Receiver Battery Rechargeable Rechargeable Replaceable Rechargeable
Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

What People Think About The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution

While a good number of people have nothing but good things to say about the dual solution, we must say that it is the least loved of the Extreme Dog Fence’s line of containment systems.

A good number of customers seem to think this is a good product. And some of them that had issues with it were able to get things quickly sorted out, thanks to the effective and prompt customer service.

A common thread seems to be that it didn’t take long at all for their dogs to get the message.

However, there have been those that had minor issues with connecting wires. While some others had issues with the fact that the remote can only be used within the boundary.

All in all, though, there seems to be more people who are happy with this product than not.

Our Opinion

We consider the Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution a pretty good investment for the fact that you are practically getting two kits for the price of one. Plus, it does work and if you have issues you can trust that you’ll get prompt response if you report it.

That said, do consider involving a professional in the training period, just to be sure.

Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution – FAQs

Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution Water Proof?

The collar is waterproof, except for the charging port. However, there is a rubber flap that can be used to cover the charging port to protect it against the elements.

However, the transmitter isn’t waterproof and so should only be mounted indoors and away from moisture.

Where Can You Purchase Extra Collars For The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution?

To get extra collars for the Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution, you’ll have to check with the company, the Extreme Dog Fence®.

However, you can purchase this unit with up to 3 collars at the initial purchase. So, consider purchasing as many collars as you need with the unit instead of keeping it off till you actually need it.

Do You Have To Connect Different Collars To The Remote And The Fence?

You don’t have to connect different collars to the remote and the fence with the Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution. You can connect just one collar to the remote and the fence, depending on which you are using at that point.

Does The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution Come With A Surge Protector?

Unfortunately, the Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution doesn’t come with a surge protector. A surge protector could really come in handy depending on where you live, though. So, consider getting one if you’ll be getting this kit.

What’s The Difference Between The 14-Gauge Wire And The 20-Guage Wire?

Basically, the 14-gauge wire is more durable and more flexible. So, it can fit in a number of spaces and survive in some unfavorable conditions.

On the other hand, the 20-gauge is more affordable and isn’t bad as far as durability and flexibility go.

Is The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution Manufactured In The U.S.A?

The Extreme Dog Fence® Dual Solution is made in the United States of America.

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