Cheshire Animal Clinic

2647 Buford Highway
Atlanta, GA 30324


Cheshire Animal Clinic and Pet Hotel

Boarding Fees

Drop-off/Pick-up hours: Mon-Fri 8-6, Sat 10-12, Sun 11-12 & 5-6pm

Drop-off / Pick-up hours vary on holiday weekends...please call

(404) 320-6555 /

Canine:Per night / Day-care     Feline:Per night /Day-care

1st Guest:           29.90  /  13.00                                               17.00  /  9.00                 

2nd Guest:          24.90* /   12.00*                                           13.00* /  7.00*              

3rd Guest (+):    18.90* /   11.00*                                               7.00* /   5.00*              

(*Assumes boarding together)

All Guests: Check-in flea treatment....…..6.00(explanation below in blue)

All Dogs: Bath required w/ 3 day stay….19.55 – 27.60 (according to size)

•You’re welcome to bring your own food or purchase house food …2.25/day (see highlight below)

•Holiday surcharge on the following days: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas: 12.50

•Monthly rates are discounted 15% and are paid in advance

•All dogs are fed CNM-EN, which is a premium prescriptive diet that is designed to reduce the incidence of excitement/stress induced diarrhea, a common occurrence while boarding. All cats receive Science Diet. They typically do not get stress-induced diarrhea.

All Dogs Receive:

•2 daily feedings

•walks outside for fresh air 2-3 times daily

•2-3 hours in the outdoors on nice days for barking-fun-times

•outdoor runs and play areas are covered for rainy / hot days

•fleece bedding at night for a comfortable sleep

Flea Treatment: All pets receive a flea treatment upon arrival regardless of any flea preventatives they are currently using. Even in the best of circumstances, animals will bring in a flea or two. This treatment assures the comfort of all that stay and prevents a devastating flea infestation of the facility. In addition, all pets staying 3 or more days are required to receive a bath. It is our policy to discharge only happy and clean pets. The bath is mandatory unless there is a medical reason that the bath cannot be done.

Cleaning: The indoor and outdoor dog areas are completely cleaned daily. We take extra steps by applying anti-viral/anti-bacterial solutions and active antibacterial enzymes to all areas after they are cleaned. This is a costly process in labor and materials, but we want to assure our guests’ health and well being with optimal care during their stay.

Cats Only! Our feline guests stay in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of all "those rowdy dogs." They are housed in large enclosures (3’D x 5’W x 6’H) with multi-level components that facilitate exercise and improved circulation.